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Reminder: Updating (personal) emergency contact information (NMSU Police 11/12/2007)

To: All faculty, staff, and students (all campuses) email via
From: Jaime Chavez, NMSU Police Chief

The recent time change is often used as a reminder for a lot of important things, like changing batteries in smoke detectors. At NMSU, we are also taking advantage of this time to ask all students, faculty, and staff members to take a couple of minutes to go into their “” accounts and update their emergency contact information.

The purpose of this information is to assist the Police Department in contacting the appropriate people in the event a person is reported missing, is injured (such as in a traffic crash), or is otherwise unable to communicate to emergency response personnel. The information is not required, but it is extremely helpful. While we certainly hope it is never necessary to use it, it saves time and helps ensure that appropriate family members or friends are contacted as soon as possible.

Even if you have entered information before and do not believe that circumstances (such as marriage, divorce, moving, changing phone numbers, etc.) have changed, please make sure the information is still entered correctly and that there are no errors. (Don’t forget, with the recent area code change for southern New Mexico, it is very likely that most people will need to make at least some changes.) We also encourage you to have at least two emergency contacts, and more are certainly acceptable.

To access the appropriate page (after logging on to, go to:>Student or Employee tab>Banner Self Service>Personal Information>Update Emergency Contacts

From here, you can make additions or changes, to include changing the order you would like people contacted. (NOTE: In an emergency, the police department will start at the top of the list and go down until they have successfully made contact with a person. They will not generally go all the way down a list to notify everyone else unless requested by the family member or friend and time/circumstances allow.) If you have difficulty using the system, there is a “help” feature on the page.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to keep your emergency contact information up-to-date.

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