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Webcast: The new DHS Chemical Security Rule (11am Thursday Nov 29, 2007)

A webcast titled “Completing the Top Screen: Compliance Advice for Universities on the New Chemical Security Rules” will be presented 11am, Thursday 11/29/2007 at the EH&S training facility, rm 110, Academic Research C, 1620 Standley Drive (map and directions to building).

The two hour webcast is directed at those having supervisory, management & administrative responsibility for NMSU labs, shops, warehouse and farm areas, but it is open to all the university community. In view of the short 60 day requirement for compliance with the new law, NMSU Colleges, Institutes, and Divisions with these areas need to be informed and hopefully well-represented at this presentation. We will have a sign in sheet and will note the session as safety training.

Background information on the DHS chemical security rule is provided via the following web links

The webcast presentation is by the Campus Safety, Health and Environmental Management Association (CSHEMA) and the National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO). The following from their website describes the webcast content.

    The clock is ticking soon for Colleges and universities that possess certain chemicals of interest—those that pose a security risk for release, theft, or sabotage—in amounts exceeding thresholds recently released by the Department of Homeland Security will need to provide detailed information to DHS by mid-January. Join campus experts for an overview of the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standard (CFATS) and practical advice on how to approach compliance.

    The presenters, key members of an committee that has been interacting with DHS about CFATS over the last six months, will share ideas on the steps institutions need to take now and respond to questions from participants.

    Universities with significant research endeavors are most likely to require reporting and possibly additional security under the CFATS rule, and some smaller institutions with certain types of facilities (those using ammonia or agricultural operations) or unusual research may find that they exceed the reporting threshold for one or more chemicals of interest.

    The webcast will provide information on the following topics:
    * IF your facility/institution needs to file the online Top Screen survey
    * HOW to narrow your list of chemicals to inventory
    * WHETHER you should request an extension
    * HOW to define a “facility” for reporting purposes

    What You Will Learn:
    * Key provisions of the CFATS rule, and how it is likely to affect universities
    * Strategies for collecting information on campus
    * Compliance timelines, extensions, and authorities
    * How to fill out the Top Screen instrument
    * After the Top Screen: what comes next?

    The Presenters:
    * Dr. Mel Bernstein, Vice President for Research, University of Maryland
    * Robin Izzo, Assistant Director for Laboratory Safety, Princeton University
    * Maureen Kotlas, (moderator), Director, Environmental Health and Safety, University of Maryland
    * Peter A. Reinhardt, Director, Environmental Health and Safety, Yale University

    Course Information:
    Time: 11 am MST (1:00pm EST)
    Length: Approximately 120.00 minutes

    Who Should Participate:
    * Environmental health and safety directors
    * Research administrators
    * Academic laboratory personnel
    * Campus law enforcement and security professionals
    * VPs, administration
    * Risk managers
    * General counsel
    * Compliance officers

DHS chemical rules (CFATS) 11/29/07 Webcast slides

If after reviewing the above and the links, you need additional information on the webcast or DHS chemcial security rule, please call EH&S at 575-646-3327.

Thank you

David Shearer
Industrial Hygienist
Environmental Health & Safety
New Mexico State University
Las Cruces, NM

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Reminder: via Hotline Nov 27 copy at,2007.pdf

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