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Chemical inventory needed for new DHS Security chemical rule (email Dec. 19, 2007)

To: Department Heads, Directors and Deans with areas using or storing chemicals
Please distribute to all individuals responsible for chemical use/storage

From: Katrina Doolittle, Director for Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S)

We require your help to ensure that NMSU complies with the new Department of Homeland Security Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards. It requires all facilities with chemicals (including Colleges, Universities, Utility Companies, Heating/Cooling Plants, Farms, etc) to review their chemicals and report any location that has any chemicals of interest (COI) in excess of its screening threshold quantity (STQ).

Environmental Health & Safety is taking the lead on this new rule and will act as the institutional representative to the Department of Homeland Security to determine the reporting for all NMSU facilities. Affected facilities include laboratories, warehouses, trades, heating/cooling facilities, farms and experimental stations. We recently sent emails to all individual contacts listed in the EH&S web based chemical inventory system and requested an update and identification of COI by January 15, 2008.

If you have areas that have not submitted a chemical inventory to EH&S, you must have them submit it now. Once the inventories are completed, EH&S will compile the inventories and will file a Top Screen with the Department of Homeland Security for any NMSU facility exceeding the STQ. Department Heads and Directors of facilities with COI in quantities exceeding or approaching the STQ will be advised on additional procedures.

Department Heads/Directors are responsible for ensuring that chemical inventories for all NMSU chemical areas under their supervision are submitted to EH&S. At the end of January, each Department Head/Director with declared chemical areas will be provided a listing of chemical storage rooms, inventory date, and contact information for each area. At that time, we will need your review and follow-up to ensure all areas have completed the chemical inventory and identified the COI under the new DHS requirements.

Please distribute this information to all responsible for chemical use and storage areas. Inventories must be updated and any chemicals of interest on the DHS list must be identified for us to comply. Additional information on the implications for NMSU is posted on the safety website ( under Safety News.

Questions regarding the EH&S web based chemical inventory system should be directed to David Shearer ( or 646-3327.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Email sent ABCD distribution Dec 19, 2007

Details on the DHS rule are posted on EH&S website (
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