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Safety News - local and regional EH&S news items, safety precautions, regulatory changes, etc.
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For 2006

  • Safety Alert: Sony computer batteries recall due potential fire (posted 12/2006)
  • Safety Alert: File cabinets on soft carpet possible tip hazards
    (posted Nov2006)

    Recent mishap shows that tall file cabinet on soft carpeting can be a safety hazard (link).

      Click for details Details

    • Photo 1 shows the type of lateral file cabinet that tipped over.
    • Photo 2 show file cabinet that tipped forward and crushed chair.
    • Photo 3 show example of tall shelving that may need to be fastened to the wall to prevent tipping.
    •  Details and recommendations for improving office safety (link)
  • NMSU's 2006 Water Supply Consumer Confidence Report  (posted August 2006)
  • Safety & Security Initiatives 2006 (posted August 2006)
    Environmental Health and Safety is pleased to announce the following Safety and Security Initiatives to be provided by EH&S, DFES and NMSU Police this fall. These include:
    • Fire Safety information, Emergency Plans and/Preparedness training
    • Demonstrating fire potential using Residential Room Fires
    • Emergency Testing- activation of Emergency Alert System and 'No Notice' Fire Drills of Residence Halls, Greek Housing and Academic Buildings
    • Providing general Safety Orientation to new students, graduate and research assistants
    • Supplying additional Safety Training classes for employees 
    • Holding Safety and Health Fairs
    • Offering Personal Safety training 
      Fall Events Calendar)
  • Free Health and Fitness Programs (from Hotline Aug 28, 06, update1/07)  Flyer

    The following programs are available to NMSU faculty and staff. These programs are designed to assist you in getting fit, reducing stress, injury recovery and overall wellness.   

    • Monday and Wednesday:
      12:10-1 p.m., Cross Training Track and Free Weights, Activity Center, Second Floor Indoor Track.
      5:15-6:15 p.m., Yoga, Academic Research Center Building C, Room 110.
    • Tuesday and Thursday:
      7-8 a.m.: Yoga, Academic Research Center Building C, Room 110.
    • Friday:
      12:10-1 p.m., Circuit/Pace Aerobics, Coca-Cola Weight Training Center.
    For more information on the health & fitness program contact the Department of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance at 646-2216. (Also see Yoga Posting)   In addition, there are several fitness screening and fitness programs available through the Student Wellness Center. For more information contact the Student Wellness Center at 646-5178. (See HEALTH & WELLNESS PROGRAMS update 1/24/07)
  • Monthly Health Talks at EH&S Training Facility (updated 8/29/06)
    The Brown Bag Health Talks (BBHT) series (description) are monthly lunch time events at our Safety Training Facility in room 110 of Academic Research Unit C (map).  The talks are informal and are designed for anyone who wants to understand more about health issues.

    Dr. Joseph M. Berning, Director of the Exercise Physiology Laboratory, has tailored the talks to be interactive as a way to provide practical information on health issues that may affect you or your family.  Currently he has set one brown bag health talk for each month for the 2006 Spring and Fall Academic semesters.  The BBHTs are from 12:00 to 12:50, at Academic Research C, Safety Training Facility.


    BBHT sessions photos

    Brown Bag Health Topic list (Spring list)

    Spring Schedule

    1. February 7, 2006 "Cholesterol and Your Health" (flyer)
    2. March 28, 2006 "Exercising While You Work: Maximizing your day" (flyer) (HO)
    3. April 25, 2006 "High Blood Pressure:  Common cardiovascular disease" (flyer) (HO)
    4. May 16, 2006 "Strengthening the Lower Body: A practical approach" (flyer) (HO)
    5. June 13, 2006 "Coronary Heart Disease: Getting to the heart of the matter" (flyer)

    Fall Schedule

    1. September 21, 2006 "Exercise & Heart Rate" (flyer) (HO)
    2. October 26, 2006 "Diet Fads and Myths" (flyer) (HO)
    3. November 30, 2006 "How many calories?" (flyer) (HO)
    4. December 14, 2006 "Strengthening the Lower Body2: Lot Circuit Training" (flyer)

    Bring your lunch and learn helpful hints that will help ‘YOU’ to improve your health. NMSU Departments are welcome to send groups (up to 40 persons) or request specific dates. You can provide comments or request specific dates via the EH&S suggestion page (click here). 
    (See HEALTH & WELLNESS PROGRAMS update 1/24/07)

  • Yoga Fitness Classes at EH&S Training facility (flyer) (posted Feb 2006, updated August 2006)

    NMSU Wellness Program - EH&S in conjunction with Department of Physical Education & University Health Center offers FREE Yoga Fitness class at the Safety Training Facility (Academic Research C) during the week. The classes are free to employees and dependents.  The instructor is Sam (Minerva) Siegel, a certified trainer and Yoga instructor, with over 20 years experience.  See flyer for week days and times.

    Other Wellness Classes: University Health Department of Physical Education)

  • Safety Fair

    A Facilities Safety Fair will be held at the Intramural Field at Wells Street on October 13, Friday,  10 am - 2pm.  This fair will feature vendor booths with the latest in personal protective equipment, shop safety, ergonomic equipment and first aid kits. Recycling information and waste battery collection will also be available.  More information will be available at a later date.

  • Protection Guide & Information on West Nile Virus, a mosquito transmitted disease - posted August 2006
  • Second Hand Smoke Kills 50,000 Annually (posted 6/28/06)
    Surgeon general's report on secondhand smoke indicates the evidence is now "indisputable" that the noxious fumes are a major health threat that kills an estimated 50,000 people each year. 
    News Article (LA Times)
    local copy
    CDC on  Second Hand Smoke & "How to quit programs"
  • Costs of Injury in the US at $406 billion  (posted 6/28/06)
    The Center for Disease Control has estimated the lifetime costs of injuries for the Nation (webpage link).  Notes from their site indicate:
    • In 2000 alone, the 50 million injuries that required medical treatment will ultimately cost $406 billion (an estimated $80.2 billion in medical care and $326 billion in productivity) (web link).
    • Motor vehicle and fall injuries are 22% ($89 billion) and 20% ($81 billion) of the total injury costs.
    • Unintentional injuries are the leading cause of death in the first four decades of life, with  Injuries accounting for more than 160,000 deaths each year.
    • Persons aged 25 to 44 years represent 30% of the U.S. population and 40% ($164 billion) of the total costs of injuries.
  • Earth Day Bike Ride - Celebrate National Earth Day, April 22 on NMSU Horseshoe,
    - starting at 7:30 am with a Criterium race, followed by a long (25 mi) self-pace ride at 9 am and a short (5 mi) ride at 9:30 am.  Free T-shirts, booths, demonstrations, etc. (Flyer) (posted 3/27/06)

    Earth Day Information

    Bicycle Safety Information - bike safety web links

  • 2006 April, Emergency Preparedness Telehealth Series, Milton Hall, NMSU
    Tuesdays in April, 3:00-4:00 (flyer(CEUs)

    NMSU and UNM have teamed up to bring you a unique telehealth series on medical disaster planning, response, and management.  The training topics include Pandemic Influenza, Medical Response to the Hurricanes of 2005, Emerging, Zoonotic, and Vector-borne Diseases, and The Psychosocial Aspects of Disasters.  The course flyer details the complete list of topics and dates. For more information contact: Tracy A. Duran , NMSU Border Epidemiology and Environmental Health Center; Academic Research Bldg B Rm 101, 646-4845 

  • Article - Death in a lab at Cleveland State U. (posted 3/8/06)

    Article demonstrates the importance of checking for proper grounding when conducting lab experiments.
    link to http://www.the-scientist.com/news/display/23216/  (alt copy)

  • Indoor air quality classes at NMSU, May 20066 (posted 2/20/06)

    Santa Fe Community College, under contracts with the N.M. Environment Department and the N.M. Department of Health is offering several classes on  indoor environmental quality classes at NMSU on May 17 & 18 (Details).
    The classes are directed to realtors, contractors, govt & community agencies and other interested persons in the Las Cruces community. Topics covered include: importance of IEQ, health effects, causes, control strategies.  IEQ issues include: mold, radon, chemicals, CO, particles, pest control, ventilation with outdoor air and others.  IEQ brochures attached

    • Class for Realtors & Contractors (Brochure)
    • Class for Govt & Community Agencies (Brochure)
  • New Smoking Policy  (orig. post 2/10/06, rev. 3/10/06 & 4/11/06, approved 5/9/06)

    A new Smoking Policy for NMSU was approved on May 9, 2006 by Administrative Council.  The new policy was initiated by University Safety Committee on October 19, 2005  (new policy - click here). 

    The new policy addresses additional conditions not covered by state law (link) which is basis of previous policy (AP&P reference (2005)Clean Indoor Air Act (sum)).  The new policy extends beyond state law to include building entries and other areas (signage examples).

    Main Points:  Smoking is prohibited in or at:

    • all enclosed buildings and facilities including classrooms, offices, food service venues, lavatories, and most residence halls (in accordance with Housing & Residential Life policies;
    • within 25 feet of building entrances and exits (when reasonable) and fresh air intake grills unless it is a specially designated smoking area
    • partially or fully enclosed walkways, corridors, elevators
    • vehicles owned, leased or rented by the University; and
    • within 50 feet of any area where flammable materials are handled or stored, or where other significant fire hazard may exist
    • indoor athletic or other University-sponsored or designated events

    The initial proposal and recommendations were made in the October 19, 2005 University Safety Committee meeting.   It was placed for comments on 2/10/06.  The University Safety Committee discuss comments received on the Proposed Smoking Policy on February 22, 2006.  Policy was reviewed by ACAP and proposed to Administrative Council on 4/10/06.   It was revised on 3/10/06 and 4/11/06.  Administrative Council approval was given on May 9, 2006. 

    NOTICE: All NMSU and affiliated departments are requested to print and post (or distribute) the revised policy for employee information.

  • NMSU OSHA 300 Log - for Year 2005 (posted January 31, 2006) 
    The NMSU 2005 Injury Summary (the 2005 OSHA 300 log) has been posted (click line above) on the EH&S web site. Under New Mexico law this annual summary log must be posted from February 1 to April 30. This web posting completes NMSU obligations, however the log should be printed and posted in the workplace for employee information.  The log can be printed from the PDF file or gif (change the printer setting to landscape to print the gif image).  Requests for additional questions on the log, for division summaries, or access after April 30, should be directed to Chuck Ryder at 575-646-3327.
      (PDF format)

  •  2005 EPA fine of $171,050 for mislabeling by NH University (Details, summary)  See list below - Other EPA fines


  • African Honey Bee & Yellow Jacket Identification
  • NMSU Police Community Education Programs

    The NMSU Police provide programs and training classes on public and personal safety for the NMSU Community.  These include:

    • Personal self-dense, 
    • S.A.F.E., 
    • Operation ID, 
    • Bicycle Registration, 
    • CPR/First Aid, 
    • Identity Theft, 
    • Identi-Child, 
    • r.a.d. KIDS, 
    • Care Seat Education and Installation, 
    • Firearms familiarization, 
    • Alcohol Awareness, 
    • Drug Recognition, 
    • Violence in the Workplace, and 
    • Rape Awareness and Prevention. 

    Linked is a description of their Community Education Programs and Schedule for Fall 2005 (pdf format) - posted Sept 2005

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Safety Minutes

University Safety Committee Meetings, minutes for:


Feb 22, 2006

May 24, 2006

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quarterly mtg TBA


February 23, 2005
Genesis B, rm.102

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October 19, 2005
Acad.Res. C_110


February 24, 2004 
Zuhl Library 
conf rm. #225

No meeting

October 20, 2004 
Genesis B, rm. 102

 No meeting

University Safety -
Communicable Disease Preparedness Committee


June 6, 2006 - CDPC Organizational Members

July 14, 2006 - CDPC Sept 5 Meeting Agenda

September 18, 2006 - CDPC Sept 29 Pandemic Flu Webcast

September 29, 2006 - CDPC Oct 3 Webcast Link

October 9, 2006 - CDPC Oct 10 Meeting Agenda

November 2, 2006 - CDPC Nov 14 Meeting & Inhouse Tabletop Information

November 13, 2006 - CDPC Nov 14 Meeting & TableTop Exercise

November 6, 2006 - CDPC Dec 7 Regional TableTop Notice

November 29, 2006 - CDPC Dec 7 Regional PanFlu Tabletop Exercise Information

December 8, 2006 - CDPC Dec 12 Meeting Agenda


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