A Proclamation Establishing May 2003 as

National Bike Month at New Mexico State University


"WHEREAS, the bicycle is a viable and environmentally sound form of transportation and an
excellent form of recreation; and


WHEREAS, millions of Americans will experience the joys of bicycling during the month of
May 2003 through group rides and commuting events; and


WHEREAS, Americans in record numbers are turning to bicycling for transportation, recreation
and exercise; and


WHEREAS, the Mesilla Valley Bicycle Coalition has joined with the League of American
Bicyclists in declaring 2003 to be the 47th consecutive year that the League has declared May to
be National Bike Month; and


WHEREAS, bicyclists of all ages throughout Las Cruces, the Mesilla Valley, and the nation will be,

promoting bicycling as at environmentally-friendly-alternative to the automobile and a wholesome

leisurely activity during the month of May 2003;


NOW, THEREFORE, the Regents of New Mexico State University, do hereby proclaim the
mouth of May 2003 as


at New Mexico State University and urge all who support bicycling to participate in the events



DONE AND APPROVED this 11th of April 2003.


President, NMSU Board of Regents

Secretary  Treasurer, NMSU Board of Regents