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  Incident Title
Four Killed, 50 Hurt in Gas Cylinder Blast in Bangladesh
Location Date of Incident
Sultanshi Village, Bangladesh 8/22/2000- 4:00 PM
CSB Incident Number NRC Report Number Board Ref. Number
2000-4943 None Reported None Reported
Current Status Date of Report Update
No CSB Action 8/22/2000 - 3:48 PM
Incident Types Location Types
- Explosion
- Fire
Fixed Facility
Evacuations Injuries Fatalities
None Reported 50 (Estimate) 4 (Estimate)
Chemicals Involved
- Not specified
Description or Latest Development
Information Added: Tuesday, August 22, 2000 - 3:54 PM
Witnesses said the explosion occurred while a balloon seller was filling balloons from a cylinder at the annual religious festival.

Casualties may rise further from the explosion at Sultanshi village under district sadar upazila.

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