December 1, 1999


To:       Distribution


From:   Katrina Doolittle, Safety Director


Re:       Microbial Products Presentation


We will be hosting a representative from Micro-Blaze to present information on their products

which have common applications that could directly benefit facilities and operations at NMSU.  The following advertised applications and benefits of use appear to be valuable alternative solutions to organic based contamination and spills.


Spill Control: Cleans up accidental spills at fueling depots, on roadways, parking lots, around vehicle repair areas, oil and grease storage areas, etc.  Eliminates the fire hazard of spilled fuels and digests the wastes, with no need to soak up the spills with costly absorbents that still need costly disposal.


Food Preparation sites, canteens: Treatment of the grease trap lines eliminates the hassle of line stoppages and heavy buildup of grease in grease traps.  The product digests fats, oils and grease to reduce pumping costs and maintenance.


Underground storage tanks, gas tanks, etc.: Used in and around leaking underground petroleum storage tanks the product will inert the volatile hydrocarbons, eliminating any potential fire hazard while degrading the contamination that may be seeping towards underground water sources.  Spraying around above ground tanks helps cut down pollution from leaks. 


Non-pathogenic, naturally occurring microbes used in these formulations are non-toxic and biodegradable.  This microbial product is widely utilized by fire departments statewide to eliminate flammability  of hydrocarbons in emergency liquid spill control.  The products are utilized to completely  digest organic based contamination, such as:


        hydrocarbons, such as diesel fuel, gasoline, motor oils, etc.

        benzene, BTEX, contamination

        glycols, such as antifreeze compounds

        oils, fats, greases from residential, commercial, industrial

        other organic compounds


Please join us on December 20, 1999 from 9:00-10:00 am in Safety Office, Academic Research Building C room 109 for a short presentation, question and answer session.


Distribution List:      Benjamin E. Woods, V.P. for Facilities

Richard A. MacRorie, PPD Operations & Utilities

Rick Labato, PPD Engineering

Eusebio E.Chavira, PPD Training & Safety

Tommy A. Rodriquez, PPD Mechanics

Wlliam S. Simpson, PPD Mechanics

Steve C. McCarty, PPD Administration

Pat Montoya, PPD Grounds

Jack Salopek, PPD Construction

Darrell Smith, PPD Fire

Jose T. Mendoza, PPD Fire

Chris Bencomo, PPD Fire

Albert Barela, PPD Plumbing

David Bollschweiler, PPD Engineering

Dave Hertz, Auxiliary Services

James L. Fowler, Leyendecker

Tony S Alvarez, Mechanical Engineering

Pete C. Galvan, DABCC Mechanics

Andy Rhoades, Corbett Center

Joe Smith, PSL Mechanics