Please be aware that

Columbus McKinnon Corporation, supplying products to W.W. Grainger, has issued the following safety recall notice. If you have purchased an item listed below, please follow the instructions given in the body of the letter. This is a safety recall notice issued from the manufacturer to the supplier.

Please give widespread distribution. If you do not have this item or have not recently purchased same, please disregard this notice.

If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Environmental, Health and Safety Office at 575/646-3327. Thank you.

Attn: Grainger Customer


CM, One-Ton Capacity, Series 622 Hand Hoists; Grainger Stock #5W557 (CM #2204); Grainger Stock # 9FVC0 (CM #2210); Grainger Stock #2Z896 (CM #2217); Grainger Stock #5W558 (CM #2262); Grainger Stock # 9FKF0 (CM #2264). Hoists with Serial Number PT-B, PU-B (# located on hoist nameplate)

CM has recently been advised that a number of 1 ton Series 622 Hand Hoists, manufactured in June and July 2001, may contain a pawl spring that does not comply with manufacturing specifications and may provide short service life. Pawl spring fracture will result in the load being transferred to the hand chain and subsequent release of the hand chain will allow the load to drop, resulting in possible property damage and/or personal injury.

Repair of these units under our recall procedure will require verification of Grainger stock number and CM serial number (PT-B or PU-B). If the serial number on the unit is one of the serial numbers listed above, we are requesting that the unit be removed from service and sent to one of our Master Parts Depots or Service Stations. Repair of the unit will involve replacement of the pawl spring and load testing of the unit.

Units with serial numbers other than those listed above can be returned to service.

If you have a hoist that falls into the recall criteria, please contact Larry Myhill at 1-800-634-4647, extension 309, to obtain the name and address of the nearest CM service facility for returning the hoist. The hoist will be repaired and returned to you at no cost to you. CM will reimburse shipping costs for the return of the hoist. Simply invoice CM, referencing C108333 at PO Box 1294, Abingdon, VA 24212-1294 for the freight cost to return the hoist.

If you are not the end user of this product or responsible for completing recalls, please forward this notice on to the appropriate person(s).

Sincerely, Columbus McKinnon Corporation

Larry P. Myhill, Service Manager

Products Standards & Service