Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs)

* GFCIs are products designed to prevent serious injury or death from electrical shock by detecting ground faults at very low levels.  If the GFCI senses minimal current leakage to ground in an electrical circuit, it assumes a ground fault has occurred. It provides split-second electrical protection by interrupting (shutting off) the power to prevent serious injury from electrical shock.

* GFCIs include units for 1) wall receptacle, 2) circuit breaker and 3) specially designed portable units  that can be taken from place to place.

* GFCIs should be used in any area where water may come in contact with electrical products. They should also be considered for damp locations.

According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International, if a GFCI were installed in every U.S. household, nearly 70 percent of the approximately 330 electrocutions that occur each year in the home could be prevented. 


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