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Safety Programs                 

NMSU Security Preparedness (updated 2009)

    At the current time, no information has been received to indicate any specific threat to New Mexico State University. The following information has been prepared to notify the university community of actions that have been taken at NMSU.


    The emergency services at NMSU are in regular communication with local, state, and federal agencies to receive the most current official information available. Measures have also been taken to help ensure emergency communications are maintained in the event of a natural disaster or terror incident. These include redundant radio communication systems, power backups, and coordination with nearby communication centers to serve in backup capacities.


    NMSU has a plan for ensuring the continuity of operation and recovery from any disasters that might occur. The Central Administration Response Team (CART) is available to respond 24-hours a day should the need arise to put this plan into action. The CART includes the following University Positions: President, Provost, VP for Human & Physical Resources, VP for Business, VP for University Advancement, VP for Information & Communication Technologies, Regents Chief of Staff, Director of Personnel, Director for University Communication, and Director of Purchasing & Risk Management. 


    The best way to minimize the impact of any man-made disaster is to prevent as much of it as possible in the first place. The following are steps that all individuals and departments at NMSU are encouraged to follow:

  1. 1. Ensure there is an emergency plan for the department, to include evacuation routes and meeting locations.

  1. 2. Ensure that doors and windows are kept locked whenever possible. Do not prop doors open, and report any broken doors/locks to the OFS work order desk (646-7114) immediately.

  2. 3. Report any suspicious activity immediately to the university police. If it is an emergency, dial 9-1-1. If not an emergency, call 646-3311.


    Should the threat level change, or additional information become known, NMSU will provide additional information via the NMSU Emergency Alert System as well as through news releases and official communications.

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