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Building Safety in a Disaster

Often the most casualties of a disaster are those that are caught unaware and/or do not know what to do, where to go. In order to be prepared, NMSU has several systems that address these problems.

One is the Emergency Action Plan (Evacuation plan) for each building. This is a written plan which details the emergency warnings/alarms, reporting system, resources, special considerations for the building, egress routes and assembly areas in the event of any emergency.

The preparation and annual update of this OSHA-required plan is the responsibility of each department. For departments and buildings with chemical labs this plan is a required component of the Chemical Hygiene Plan.  Each department shall report their review information annually to EH&S (see EAP policy). All NMSU areas with chemicals are also required to compile and submit an annual chemical inventory to EH&S (see NMSU HazCom Program). 

EH&S provides classes on the plan and its preparation.  Training as in a departmental review of the EAP is recommended annually. Some plans and buildings are simple, however larger buildings may be need a drill in order to evacuate the building quickly. 

More information on Emergency Plans and chemical safety is provided under policy and  programs on the EH&S website and via the following links:

EAP Training/Classes - This class is provided by EH&S and is available via the training schedule.  Please register via the web link.  To set up a special class for a group or for more information call (646-3327) or email

EH&S (home page)

Second is the recently updated emergency alert system (click for description).
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In an emergency the NMSU Police dispatcher/incident commander will issue standard instructions to advise affected personnel of the procedures to follow. Departments are responsible for developing a reporting tree and methodology to follow to pass the imformation to their employees (example - using voice mail boxes).

A general understanding of the system is recommended.  Individuals should know their position on the reporting tree and the standard instructions they may recieve. 

For more information contact

NMSU Police at: (575) 646-3311 or police@nmsu.edu


NMSU Police (home page).