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Registration - General information

Register for defensive driving and respiratory as early as possible as space is limited.  The defensive driving classes may involve 40 to 60 persons but the others are small (typically less than 12).  Except for defensive driving the classes are free.  

For defensive driving and respiratory classes please read the sections below. 

The EH&S offices and training facility are located in the Academic Research Complex on Standley Drive.   

For more information check the map or check the Class Descriptions.  To cancel your registration to a class please send an email.

Defensive Driving (vehicle use procedures )

To sign up for defensive driving, please use the defensive driving online request form.  Alternately, you can bring your current license and the following information to Environmental Health and Safety, Room 109, Academic Research Building C ( map).   By either method you will need to know the following:   

  1. Prospective drivers of University vehicles must have a valid driver’s license and will undergo a motor vehicle records check. State statute requires individuals to obtain a NM drivers license within 30 days of establishing residence in NM. Out of state license holders will be required to provide a certified copy of their driving history.   Three moving violations or a DUI/DWI conviction within the past three years will require special NMSU review and may deny or revoke an individual's NMSU driving permit.

  2. The classes are open to NMSU employees and non-employees.   Those taking the classes for personal reasons and those from other state agencies are expected to pay for the class in advance of the course. 

  3. NMSU employees must provide a valid department account number. Departments will be billed for registered individuals who fail to attend and neglect to cancel and reschedule with EH&S prior to the course.

  4. In addition those taking the class will need to provide their date of birth and current/valid driver's license information.

  5. Course registrants must attend the entire DDC course in order to receive a certificate of completion and/or permanent driving permit!

  6. Fees -

    • $40.00 class enrollment fee for individuals affiliated with NMSU (fee effective for July class)
    • $45.00 fee for individuals attending class for personal reasons
    • $10.00 fee for issuing permit to individuals with DDC certificate obtained outside NMSU EH&S

Classes often fill early, please register at least two weeks in advance to ensure a reservation. 

Respirator Training

Respirator use at NMSU must follow a evalation process under the NMSU Respiratory Safety Program to help protect employees.  The medical qualification, training and fit testing must be successfully completed prior to working on any project requiring respirator use. Program refresher training and fit testing must be repeated annually in order to continue use.  The supervisor is responsible for notifying you and arranging retraining.   If you have completed the medical review previously you can register for the Respiratory Safety Class via the online registration form.


Medical qualification is required by NMSU before you can wear a respirator or attend the training (the fit testing portion).  A medical history review and evaluation must be done by NMSU Employee Health Center .  

You may obtain the form needed for the medical evaluation by downloading and printing one of the following files (click, open, and print).  

( PDF format)    (MS Word format)    (WordPerfect/RTF format)  

Alternately you can get a copy of the medical evaluation forms at the EH&S office.

The potential respirator user should complete and submit the completed medical evaluation form to the Employee Health Center (main campus). 

The medical qualification form must be submitted at least two weeks in advance of the class and it must be approved by the medical examiner prior to the fit testing.  As needed the doctors at the NMSU Employee Health Center may require additional information and/or a physical examination before you can attend this training or wear a respirator at NMSU.  

Medical qualification is required prior to the initial respirator use and training but is not required for later annual training.   However if you should suffer a serious illness or injury or are unsure about your health, you should consult with the medical personnel at Employee Health Center or with your doctor.  Call 646-3327 if you have questions. 


New respirator users can choose and be fit tested with a respirator from a selection of models and sizes at the EH&S office.  Once you have been fit tested with a specific respirator, your department will obtain that model and size for your respirator work.  Alternately a new user can bring a respirator of their selection to the class.  The fit test will be used to determine if it is the right size and shape for your use. 

Returning users should bring their personal respirator to the class for the fit testing. 


All respirator users are reminded that in order to maintain a good seal with the respirator, they must be clean-shaven for the fit test and all respirator use.   A safety razor and soap are available and you will be expected to shave if needed.

Once you have completed the above you can register for the Respiratory Safety Class via the online registration form.

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