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Codes & Standards

Martin Gomez
John Wiles gets dozens of questions a week on PV systems and the National Electrical Code® (NEC®) from PV vendor/installers, PV manufacturers, PV systems integrators, electrical contractors, electricians, electrical inspectors, and homeowners. Many of these questions are repetitive. John uses these questions as the basis for his Code Corner articles in Home Power Magazine. Rather than rewrite the answers to the frequently asked questions, John has indexed the Code Corner articles (right column).  Each one is linked to the appropriate PDF file.


The higher the number of the Home Power edition, the more recent the publication date.   The articles cover the requirements of the 1990, 1993, 1996, and 1999 editions of the National Electrical Code.  This material represents the best available information at the time of publication (starting as early as 1990).  It should only be used with a full understanding of the NEC which is available from local electrical supply houses and the National Fire Protection Association.   Better information on good engineering practices and good workmanship appear in the later Code Corner articles.

Code Corner Articles by Subject

Subject Home Power Edition #
1990 - 2008 Editions NEC/Article 690 HP/112, HP/105, HP/100, HP/88, HP/87, HP/86, HP/75, HP/71, HP/70, HP/69, HP/55
Ampacity HP/141, HP/95, HP/83, HP/80, HP/79, HP/78, HP/77, HP/76, HP/68, HP/67, HP/66, HP/62, HP/59, HP/55, HP/54, HP/52, HP/51, HP/50, HP/49, HP/48, HP/47, HP/46, HP/45, HP/44, HP/43, HP/31, HP/25, HP/22, HP/21
Batteries HP/116, HP/111, HP/101, HP/95, HP/87, HP/85, HP/80, HP/68, HP/67, HP/63, HP/61, HP/60, HP/48, HP/46   
Calculations HP/141, HP/134, HP/129, HP/118, HP/95, HP/83, HP/81
Checklists HP/115, HP/113, HP/106, HP/71, HP/58
Circuit Breakers HP/130, HP/125, HP/111, HP/110, HP/109, HP/105, HP/101, HP/90, HP/85, HP/84, HP/68, HP/54, HP/52, HP/50,
Codes & Standards HP/142,HP/140, HP/129, HP/127, HP/126, HP/121, HP/120, HP/118, HP/110, HP/109, HP/108, HP/105, HP/102, HP/101, HP/100, HP/95, HP/94, HP/88, HP/87, HP/85, HP/80, HP/79, HP/75, HP/71, HP/70, HP/69,HP/63, HP/56, HP/55, HP/51, HP/50, HP/49, HP/44, HP/33, HP/23, HP/21, HP/20, HP/16,
Color Codes HP/124, HP/99
Combiners HP/131, HP/130, HP/124, HP/110, HP/75, HP/74
Conductors & Cables HP/141, HP/131, HP/128, HP/125, HP/122, HP/117HP/107, HP/105, HP/104, HP/96, HP/95, HP/91, HP/83, HP/82, HP/81, HP/80, HP/79, HP/78, HP/77, HP/76, HP/66, HP/62, HP/59, HP/55, HP/54, HP/51, HP/49, HP/21, HP/16
Conduits HP/116, HP/83, HP/77, HP/62, HP/60, HP/50, HP/49, HP/44, HP/31, HP/25, HP/23, HP/20
Design HP/115, HP/99, HP/98, HP/95 HP/92
Diagrams HP/119, HP/114, HP/113, HP/111, HP/101, HP/70, HP/69, HP/61, HP/54
Diodes HP/63,  HP/62, HP/60
Disconnects HP/130, HP/119, HP/99, HP/90, HP/42, HP/25, HP/23, HP/21,HP/20, HP/19, HP/16
Fuses HP/125, HP/85, HP/84, HP/67, HP/54, HP/52
Grid-Tied Systems HP/140, HP/138, HP/126, HP/112, HP/111, HP/90, HP/89, HP/83, HP/47
Ground Faults HP/123, HP/111, HP/58
Grounding HP/139, HP/137 , HP/133, HP/127, HP/124, HP/117, HP/105, HP/103, HP/102, HP/98, HP/91, HP/90, HP/74, HP/73, HP/72, HP/65, HP/64, HP/58, HP/57, HP/44, HP/43, HP/34, HP/30, HP/28, HP/27, HP/18
Hybrid Systems HP/48
Inverters HP/135, HP/134, HP/133, HP/132, HP/131, HP/89
Lightning HP/57, HP/32
Load Circuits HP/95, HP/23
Maintenance HP/71
Microinverter HP/136
Modules HP/136, HP/129, HP/128, HP/127, HP/125, HP/124, HP/122, HP/120, HP/117 HP/116, HP/114, HP/113, HP/106, HP/102, HP/101 HP/95, HP/94, HP/91, HP/85, HP/83, HP/81 HP/79, HP/75, HP/73, HP/72, HP/69, HP/67, HP/64, HP/63, HP/60, HP/59, HP/52, HP/51, HP/50
Multi-wire Branch Circuits HP/59, HP/54
Permitting/ Inspecting HP/116, HP/113, HP/71, HP/33
PV/Solar Basics HP/128, HP/124, HP/117, HP/115, HP/106, HP/92
Questions HP/138, HP/114, HP/110, HP/61
Resources  HP/114, HP/101, HP/92    
Stand-Alone Systems HP/98, HP/48, HP/46
Systems HP/98, HP/91, HP/50
Terminals HP/133, HP/130, HP/124, HP/121, HP/120, HP/117 HP/116, HP/110, HP/109, HP/108, HP/106, HP/104, HP/102, HP/101 HP/95, HP/96, HP/78
Utility Connections HP/138, HP/126, HP/112, HP/111, HP/90, HP/89, HP/83, HP/47  
Voltage Drop HP/83, HP/81, HP/80
Water Pumping HP/45, HP/26