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The list of recent articles which have been published in the International Association of Electrical Inspectors Magazine.

Articles from the IAEI Magazine


Center-Fed Load Centers and Panelboards 
July - August 2014

Load Side PV Connections  
March - April 2014

Load Side PV Connections  
January - February 2014

Supply-Side PV Connections  
November - December 2013

A Closer Look at Batteries  
September - October 2013

PV and the 2014 NEC  
July - August 2013

Gray Areas in PV and the Code  
May - June 2013

Batteries in PV Systems  
March - April 2013

Unraveling the Mysterious 705.12(D): Load Side PV Connections 
January - February 2013

PV Systems In Unusual Locations To Inspect or Not?  
November - December 2012

Inspectors Rejoice! At Last—Significant Progress In A PV Standard  
September - October 2012

The Conductors, Getting Solar Energy to the Inverter for 40–50 Years  
July - August 2012

Microinverters and AC PV Modules Are Different Beasts  
May - June 2012

More Questions from Inspectors Numerous PV Systems Pose Issues   
March - April 2012

Questions from Inspectors Inquiring Minds Need to Know  
January - February 2012

Two Important Inspection Areas & One for the Plan Reviewers by John Wiles
September - October 2011

A Critical Look at Load Side Utility-Interactive PV Inverter Connections 690.64(B) / 705.12(D)
July - August 2011

Changes and Challenges
May - June 2011

What Hath the 2011 NEC Wrought for PV?
March - April 2011

Conductor Sizing and Overcurrent Device Ratings
January - February 2011

Utility Interconnections and Code Requirements
November - December 2010

Ungrounded Electrical Systems 
September-October 2010

Odds and Ends 
July - August 2010

Connecting to Mother Earth 
May - June 2010

The Microinverter and the AC PV Module 
March - April 2010

Supply-Side PV Utility Connections 
January - February 2010

Making the AC Utility Connection 
November - December 2009

Connecting The Inverter 
September - October 2009

The Inverter 
July - August 2009

Approaching the Inverter 
May - June 2009

Still on the roof 
March - April 2009

PV Math 
January - February 2009

A Top to Bottom Perspective on a PV System 
November - December 2008

Are We Grounded Yet? 
September - October 2008

Interconnections Then (2005) and Now (2008) 
July - August 2008

Questions from the AHJ—To Fuse or Not to Fuse? 
May - June 2008

Common PV Code Violations 
March - April 2008

Ground-Fault Protection for PV Systems 
January - February 2008

Why Inspect PV Systems 
November - December 2007

The Nature of the PV Module: Limited Currents Have Benefits and Drawbacks 
September - October 2007

PV Wiring: Continuous Currents through Curious Cables 
July - August 2007

Disconnect, Disconnect, Where For Art Thou? 
May - June 2007

The Development of Codes, Standards, and PV Equipment—How are they related? 
March - April 2007

Inspectors Demand More Answers 
January - February 2007

PV Systems and Workmanship 
November - December 2006

Penetrating PV Questions from Inspectors 
September - October 2006

Achieving the Art of the Possible 
July - August 2006

The 15-Minute PV System Inspection: Can You? Should You? 
May - June 2006

PV Plan Check 
March - April 2006

Back to the Grid, Designing PV Systems for Code Compliance 
January - February 2006

Neither Sleet nor Snow nor Rain nor the Dark of Night 
November - December 2005

Making the Utility Connection 
September - October 2005

Updates: Grounding PV and Systems Fine Stranded Conductors 
July - August 2005

Permitting or Inspecting a PV System? 
May - June 2005

Photovoltaic Power Systems and the NEC 
March - April 2005

Do You Know Where Your Cables are Tonight? 
January - February 2005

Stalking the Elusive and Somewhat Strange PV System 
November - December 2004

PV Systems—Should They Be Grounded? 
September - October 2004

Single Conductor Exposed Cables! 
July - August 2004

PV Power Systems: What Inspectors Need to Know 
March - April 2004