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College of Engineering
Southwest Technology Development Institute

Photovoltaic Testing

PV Array Testing

Based on experience gained at the SWRES, our engineers developed test procedures and equipment for large flat-plate PV systems.  TDI staff have tested most of the large PV systems in the United States and many in foreign countries.  Over 300,000 PV modules generating over 15 MW have been tested and documented.  PV companies have used these results to improve the quality and reliability of their PV modules.

System Acceptance Tests

TDI staff perform acceptance tests and evaluate installation practices, Code compliance, dc and ac performance, and system control function for many PV and PV/Hybrid power systems.  Periodic testing is done to determine system degradation trends and maintenance requirements.

Proprietary Testing

TDI staff work with the PV industry through collaborative testing with test results kept proprietary for the funding company.  PV modules, wind generators, inverters, storage systems, and control units are exposed to field conditions at our facility in the desert Southwest.  Tests may range from simple exposure testing to accelerated life-cycle testing for determination of durability.

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