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New Mexico State University


Monthly Wind Energy Assessment Reports at NMSU's Agricultural Science Center at Clovis, GO!!

Wind Energy Activities at SWTDI

Martin Gomez
New Mexico Wind Energy Resource Map

Figure 1
New Mexico is ranked Seventeenth in the U.S. for wind power utilization


New Mexico is ranked Seventeenth in the U.S. for wind power utilization, with 700 MW installed capacity, including one of the world’s single largest windfarm at 204 MW. Windpower technology is a rich part of New Mexico State University’s 119 year history. Early on, windpower pumped water for the university and the windmills provided practical training for students, ranchers, and farmers. NMSU professors taught the windmiller’s trade through the College of Agriculture’s classes and Extension Service. In the 1980’s, the NMSU Energy Institute implemented a state-wide anenometer loan program and monitored the wind resource at over 40 sites across New Mexico, while also installing New Mexico’s first wind-electric systems.

Today SWTDI in the College of Engineering provides support for wind energy development, including resource assessment, feasibility studies, project implementation, training, and systems monitoring. Over the last decade, NMSU has been active with wind energy development both at home and abroad.