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NMSU goes Green: The Committment

NMSU commits to a Climate Neutral Campus
NMSU Students
NMSU Student's GREEN Pledge

NMSU Campus Projects

NMSU Research Centers Support Green Research

The Sun generates this much power at NMSU: Click & See
Solar/Photovoltaic Parking Structure
IEE / SWTDI Solar Production

On-Going Projects:
NMSU Program Descriptions
NMSU: Facilities Planning & Construction Green Space
NMSU: OFS Energy Management System

NMSU Press Releases
NMSU to reduce energy usage: 2006
NMSU to expand energy setbacks achieve balanced budget (2005)
NMSU Program Descriptions
NMSU: Office of the Vice President for Research
NMSU: Institute for Energy and the Environment
Carlsbad Environmental Monitoring & Research Center
NMSU/IEE: SWTDI Southwest Technology Development Institute
NMSU: STEM Program: Science of Energy
NMSU Press Releases
IEE: Environmental Design Contest 1/2007
(SWTDI) Solar Projects 4/2007
NMSU Research & Resources Magazine, 2007
NMSU Research & Resources - Spring 2007

NMSU Green Research Projects

Solar / Photovoltaic

NMSU Press Releases
SWTDI receives $4.2 million award 4/2007
IEE installs largest PV array data system in New Mexico 3/2007
NMSU: Finding sources of renewable energy

NMSU Research & Resources Magazine, 2006
NMSU Research & Resources Solar Paint 2006

NMSU Program Description
Wind Energy Applications Training Symposium (WEATS)

NMSU Press Releases
SWTDI tracks NMSU's potential for wind energy 1/2007
SWTDI wind energy technology U.S.-Mexico border 8/2006

Las Cruces Sun-News (.pdf)
NMSU alliance to develop wind research facility 8/2006
Power Generation Projects

NMSU Presentations (.pdf)
Renewable Energy and Renewable Energy
and Distributed Power

Distributed Energy Resources:
Microgrids and Islanding

NMSU website: Water Task Force
NMSU shows homeowners: lawns green with little water

Program Summary (.pdf)
ZeroNet Water-Energy Initiative

NMSU Press Releases
IEE: Low-cost, low-energy desalination process 5/2007
CE: Solar Energy & Desalination
CHEM: Water purification process saves energy/money 3/2006
Grass drought tolerance and avoidance 1/1997
Alternative Energy Sources
NMSU Press Releases
NMSU: Biomass producing electricity 6/2006

NMSU: Energy from manure & other waste 2/2002

NMSU Paper (.pdf)
Using New Mexico’s New Solar Energy Incentives

NMSU Website
(TD) Green Accounting Gameboard

NMSU Press Release
PSL "Green" Manufacturing Research 9/1999

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