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New Mexico State University
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Reimbursement Mileage Rate Changes

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Hadley Hall Room 10
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MSC 3AP, Box 30001
Las Cruces, NM 88003
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Effective January 1, 2014, Mileage Rates have changed in accordance with the Internal Revenue Service standard rates.

Email Address

To better serve New Mexico State University employees with travel related quetions, Accounts Pazyable has a special email address: This email address is set up to automatically route to all Travel Office employees. Response will be submitted within 24 hours.



Leland Kiehne, Business Services Officer
575-646-7793 -

Yolanda Work, Assistant Director, Accounts Payable
575-646-1189 -

Doris Boteler, Financial Operations Specialist
575-646-1260 -
Related Duties:

  • Supervise Direct Pay Staff
  • Citicorp Diners Program
  • Procurement Card Maintenance

Patricia Sanchez, Fiscal Assistant, Intermediate

Related Duties:

  • In-State Travel and direct pay requests (H-R)
  • Out-of-State (A-D)

Cheryl Archuleta , Fiscal Assistant, Intermediate
575-646-3174 -

Related Duties:

  • In-State Travel and Direct Pay Requests (A-G)

Madelyn Ontiveros, Fiscal Assistant, Intermediate
575-646-3056 -

Related Duties:

  • In-State Travel and Direct Pay Request (S-Z)
  • Out-of State Travel (E-Z)

Judy Stuart, Administrative Assistant, General
575-646-1189 -

Related Duties:

  • Check Distribution

Elisa Trujillo, Fiscal Assistant, Senior
575-646-7236 -
Related Duties:

  • Out-of-State Travel
  • Team Travel
  • Travel Advances