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New Mexico State University
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WAVE Tools for Parents

"The first year of college is a time of major change for your son or daughter. Your teen is in the process of making a transition from being a teen to being an adult. The demands and difficulties are considerable for both you and your teen. For example, it is entirely possible that your teen will be living away from home for the first time, meeting many new people, experiencing new economic and social pressures, and making adjustments to new and rigorous workloads. All of these tasks require your teen to develop new skills in order to make a positive adjustment to college life. In some cases, students will rely on other students for assistance; however, in many cases the students they rely on will also be new and inexperienced at making these adjustments. This is a time period where students could benefit from helpful and truthful information on how to make a smooth transition from high school to college. Parents can be an ideal source of information and support for their college bound teens."

Rob Turrisi, Ph.D.
Prevention Research Center
The Pennsylvania State University

159,000 first-year college students will drop out of school for alcohol or other drug related reasons.

Tips for Parents

We encourage you to retain positive communication with your child throughout his/her college experience. The presence of a supportive family can significantly improve the chances that your child will make responsible decisions. Keeping open lines of communication, being honest, and expressing your pride along with your expectations will make it more likely that your child will feel comfortable coming to you if something goes wrong.




Questions to Consider
A few suggestions for some icebreakers that can start healthy discussion about alcohol and sexual assault between you and your son or daughter

Alcohol and Sexual Assault Facts
A brief glimpse into how alcohol and sexual assault can affect your child and how it does affect college students across the country.

How to Talk to Your Child
A collection of excellent tips designed to make talking to your son or daughter about sensitive issues more comfortable and effective for the both of you.

Warning Signs
Things to look for that could indicate your child’s need for a helping hand.

More information on how students can assess their drinking habits.