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New Mexico State University

WAVE Presentations

Our presentations range from responsible alcohol usage to sexual assault. We can also tailor presentations to meet the interest of your class or organization. If you have a suggestion related to student wellness, alcohol use or violence, we are pleased and prepared to create a presentation that suits your needs. Presentations are just the beginning! Call or stop by and see what WAVE can do for you!

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Got an idea? If you've got a suggestion of a topic for a presentation, we want to know! Share your insight and help us make WAVEs!

Presentation Type Length
Looking for something more specific?  We can tailor a presentation to fit your desired topics and length!


  • Drinking tips
  • Alcohol myths and social norms
  • Alcohol laws
  • Alcohol poisoning
45 mins

Sexual Assault

  • Distinguishing fact from myth
  • Laws and definitions
  • Date rape drugs
  • Prevention tips
45 mins


  • "Organized around the question, 'Should we talk about suicide?' it provides a structure in which session members can safely explore some of the most challenging attitudinal issues about suicide, and encourages every member to find a part that they can play in preventing suicide."
  • Click here for more information from the LivingWorks website
45-90 mins

Media Literacy

  • Definition and ideas behind media literacy
  • Basics of media deconstruction
  • A look at media related to alcohol, sexuality and violence
45 mins

Healthy Relationships

  • Dating safety
  • Dating bill of rights
  • Signs /statistics of an abusive relationship
  • Where to go for help
45 mins


  • Basic facts
  • Impact on victims
  • What to do
  • Resources for help.
45 mins

Eating Disorders

  • Symptoms and causes
  • Health risks
  • Treatments
  • How to help a friend
45 mins


  • Different types of tobacco use and associated health risks
  • Addiction to tobacco
  • Tobacco use among college students
45 mins