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New Mexico State University

Relationship Violence Self Assessment Quiz

How do you know if your relationship or your friend's relationship is an abusive one? Read the following and check off any characteristics that might apply to your or your friend's relationship.

  Do they threaten to harm you/ your friend?

  Are they violent or have problems controlling their   temper?

  After an argument, do they blame you/ your friend for it?

  Keep "tabs" on you/ your friend and want to know where you/ your friend are at all times?

  Belittles, ridicules or insults you/ your friend in public?

  Tries to isolate you/ your friend from other friends and family and then says "I just want you for my self"?

  Is extremely jealous of your/ your friend's relationship with other people at school, work, or otherwise?

  Is rushing through the relationship and professes "love" for you/ your friend very quickly?

  Doesn't like you/ your friend to go anywhere without them?

  Threatens harm to you/ your friend or to self if you/ your friend choose to end the relationship?  

  Shows up unexpectedly to your/ your friend's classes, house, work place or social events and says they just "wanted to be with you"?