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New Mexico State University

Take Back the Night - A History

Take Back the Night is an international rally and march that is organized in local communities with the purpose of unifying women, men, and children in an awareness of violence against women, children and families. The event is a collaboration of community and campus and other interested persons who are ready to take a stand against violence and make the night safe for everyone.

Take Back the Night rallies and marches began in England as a protest against the fear that women encountered walking the streets at night. The first Take Back the Night in the United States occurred in San Francisco in 1978.


TBTN at New Mexico State University

It is the mission of the WAVE program to provide NMSU students information about the potential dangers and risks associated with college campuses and learn how they can stay safe.

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month; a month dedicated to showing support for the end of sexual assault. Each month17,000 women are raped in the United States. The U.S. has the highest reported rape rate in the world when compared to other countries that report such statistics. American women are at the highest risk of being sexually assaulted and raped. According for the National Victim Center, 91 percent of all rape victims in the US are women, and 1 in 3 American women will be a victim of sexual assault at some point in her lifetime.

The WAVE Program sponsored its second annual Take Back The Night on April 20th, 2006. Students, faculty and community members rallied together at the event to speak out against sexual assault and violence. In closing, a candle light vigil was held to honor survivors of sexual violence.


Women of all ages can and will be victims of sexual assault. Women between the ages of 18 and 24, college women, have the highest risk of all ages of being sexually assaulted and raped. According to the National Victim Center, one in four college women has either been raped or been a victim of attempted rape.

Of reported rapes among college women, 57% occurred when she was on a date. 84% of college women who have been raped knew who their rapist was.

Rape is a crime that is often perpetrated by the use of force. In 2001, 84% of reported rapes involved the use of physical force. As a result, rape can leave victims severely physically injured. 36 percent of women who are injured during rape require medical attention. 40 percent of rape victims contract a sexually transmitted disease and as many as 5 percent become pregnant from the rape. In the United States alone, there is an estimated 32,000 rape related pregnancies.

By educating the community on these issues we can help prevent further violence and create a support network for survivors.


"All human beings have the right to be free from violence, the right to be heard, and the right to reclaim those rights if they are violated."

~Take Back The Night National Organization Website


For more information call:

The WAVE Program at 646-2813

La Pinion (Rape Crisis center) at 526-3437 (24-Hour Hotline)

La Casa (relationship violence) at 526-9513 (24-Hour Hotline)


Photos of Take Back the Night