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New Mexico State University

WAVE Peer Educator Bios

Here you can learn about the staff at the WAVE Program! We employ students from various departments in the University as Peer Educators, Volunteers, and Staff Members! Although our team is varied, with different backgrounds and goals, we all come together to help promote wellness and education about violence and alcohol on the NMSU campus!

Debra Darmata

Debra Darmata Operations Manager

Degree: Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology
Graduation Date: A long, long time ago.
With WAVE Since: December 2006
About Me: My life work and passion has been in the field of Psychology. I have extensive experience working with women who suffer from eating disorders, substance abuse and post traumatic stress disorder. I also love to teach and worked for several years at a community college where I taught various Psychology courses.
I am from Chicago and vacationed to New Mexico several years ago. I was profoundly moved by the geographical physical beauty that is New Mexico and vowed to move here. I have a nine year old son who is the absolute joy in my life. I enjoy music, camping, hiking, working out, reading, and hanging out with family and friends.
Future Goals: To be a good mother to my son and prepare him for the challenges of adolescence and young adulthood.  
Birthday:   January 14th a long, long time ago.



John Rivers

John Rivers Program Coordinator

Degree: Masters in Curriculum & Instruction
Graduation Date: May 2013
With WAVE Since: Started as a volunteer back in December 2005
About Me: My life has been shaped in tremendously beneficial ways here at NMSU. I graduated in May 2009 with a bachelors degree in Psychology, going directly into the Masters in Curriculum & Instruction Program. I enjoy the opportunity to sharpen my skills as an educator and focus my academic energies on becoming a skillful language arts teacher with licensure in literacy.
I have had the pleasure of working with WAVE for over 5 years and am grateful for the opportunity to contribute to this phenomenal program. During these years I have seen it grow and change tremendously. Many people I have worked with are truly committed to the cause, and I know this program fulfills a fundamental need in serving the university community.
Future Goals: I hope to continue to impact my community positively through my work with WAVE and eventually go onto to become an effective language arts teacher.  
Birthday: August 17



Montevis Prince

Montevis Price Research Assistant

Degree: Masters in Social Work
Graduation Date: May 2011
With WAVE Since: August 2008
About Me: Itís rewarding to do service for others and to promote awareness for Wellness, Alcohol, Violence and Education. I served in the Air Force for 4years and felt it was my duty to continue to serve the people of the United States in some capacity, which has led me to a career in Social Work and working with the WAVE program.
Future Goals: To become governor of New Mexico  
Birthday: January 10