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COVID-19 Travel Related Information

Update 3/16/2020

Given the recent COVID-19 communicable disease concerns, the NMSU system has restricted all official international travel effective through April 15; please see the Chancellor’s communication dated March 11, 2020.  Employees and students are also directed to cancel or postpone any university related, non-essential out-of-state state travel – though driving by vehicle is not restricted at this time. 

Also, in response to the COVID-19 virus pandemic, many conferences and events have or will be cancelled by hosts and sponsors.  If travel has been constrained, cancelled, or changed due to no fault of the traveler, the associated costs can be paid by NMSU.  Every effort should be exhausted to obtain a refund or reschedule as appropriate. 

If the individual is traveling and a conference or event is cancelled due to COVID-19, NMSU will reimburse for expenses incurred to return to their work location.  The costs of constrained, cancelled and/or modified travel plans will be the responsibility of the department and covered by the proper funding source.  The traveler can be reimbursed for nonrefundable payments such as lodging and air transportation.  Departments are encouraged to track these costs for documentation purposes.  More specifically:

  • For NMSU travel plans, that have already been made, the best effort should be made to receive full refunds on conference registration fees, hotel and airline costs. If the full cost of registration fees or hotel deposits are not refunded, the cost will be covered by the funding source. 
  • Non-refundable airlines costs will be reimbursed to the individual if the expense was incurred on a personal credit card, and will be charged to the funding source. If the airline fare was non-refundable, most airlines are issuing a credit to the traveler. Departments need to track the credit to use for future NMSU travel. 
  • Sponsored award related travel plans should follow the same procedures. Nonrefundable travel related costs will remain on the sponsor awards and every effort will be made to bill the agency.  Departments should be prepared to cover the cost if the agency does not allow the charge in the future.

Any exceptions to these rules can be considered by community college presidents, academic deans or vice presidents on a case-by-case basis.

Further questions can be directed to Aggie Service Center at or by calling 646-2000.

Andrew Burke 
Sr. VP Administration & Finance