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Message for International Students

Update 3/13/2020 

Dear International Students,

We are sure you are aware of the widening COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak and its growing potential to disrupt international travel during NMSU’s Spring Break, March 23-27, 2020. 

If you are considering international travel over Spring Break, NMSU is recommending that you monitor travel advisories due to the outbreak of COVID-19.  In addition to considering health risks, it is important to be aware of new exit or entry control and quarantine measures that may have been implemented, or may be implemented in the future, for certain countries and the risks these developments may pose to travel plans. In many countries, such measures may be implemented with very little notice during the coming weeks. These actions could have a serious impact for you. Your travel plans back to NMSU may be delayed, you may not be able to attend classes, and you may have unexpected personal costs if you have to stay outside the US for a long period of time.

If it all possible, we encourage you to postpose any travel until after the health situation normalizes.

NMSU asks those considering travel to view the Aggie Health and Wellness website for current COVID-19 and related travel advisories. 

For further inquiries, Aggie Health and Wellness can be reached at 575-646-1512 and 

The Center for Disease Control has an informational site about COVID-19. The site features a risk assessment map by country as well as thorough information on COVID-19 related topics.

Remember that ISSS is here to help you the best we can during this challenging time.  If you have any questions, contact us at or stop by our office.


Seth Miner
Director of Undergraduate Admissions & Orientation