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ASNMSU Press Release

Update 3/18/2020

My Fellow Aggies, 

With there being several recent developments regarding the COVID-19 outbreak, we wanted to take the time to address these changes and any concerns the student body might have. We will continue to respond to your concerns at or elevate them to administration if we cannot answer them.

The ASNMSU Office will be closing this afternoon until we receive further instruction to return to the office. During this time, all services located within the office will be suspended until our office resumes operations. Crimson Cab and the Airport Shuttle will continue to operate until regulatory mandates prevent us from doing so. We realize this service has become invaluable to many of our students and its suspension would greatly impact those who need it most. Rest assured, many precautions are being taken to ensure the sanitization of the cabs and shuttles but we ask you only use them if necessary to limit your exposure.

The ASNMSU Senate will continue its reimbursement process for student organizations. Regular scheduled meetings will be held via Microsoft Teams once we return from spring break. For those with the desire to be reimbursed for travel before March 11, please contact one of your college’s senators. Should you need to find out who your senators are, they can be found at under the Government tab. Given the University’s restriction on travel in the midst of this outbreak, there will be no travel reimbursements for student organizations for travel after March 11, 2020. If you would like to attend the virtual senate meetings please email Vice President Melina Burnside at

If you believe you have come into contact with COVID-19, please call your health care provider to figure out the next steps that should be taken. The Aggie Health & Wellness Center is operating as normal, but they ask that all students with these concerns call ahead of time. Talk before you walk. Aggie Health & Wellness Center can be contacted at 575-646-1512. If you are a current NMSU housing resident, you are allowed to self-isolate. More information regarding this option can be found through contacting your RA.

As Spring Break continues we want students to keep in mind that the University will not be closing. Commit to healthy practices while on vacation. If you’re sick of singing the ABC’s while washing your hands with warm soapy water, the Aggie Fight Song will also work.

The University is ensuring that extra precautions are taken in an effort to upkeep cleanliness on campus due to flu season.  If you have any further questions or concerns regarding COVID-19, please refer to

Evan Conner
ASNMSU President