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New Mexico State University
Office of the Registrar

Waitlisting FAQs

Note: Since Spring 2014 is our pilot semester, only certain classes are available for waitlisting. Waitlist-available classes include all Business College classes, all PSY classes, and many MATH classes. On the Look Up Classes page on the Registration tab in Student. Classes available for waitlisting with have a number greater than 0 in the WL Cap (Waitlist Capacity) column.

The purpose of waitlisting is to allow students to get in a queue for available seats once a class becomes full. It is also intended to help the faculty and administration determine when extra class sections should be added based on demand.

The following pages contain frequently asked questions (FAQs) pages for Faculty and Students. We hope this information makes your transition into waitlisting a smooth process.

Waitlisting FAQs for Faculty

Waitlisting FAQs for Students