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Our next NMSU Outreach Conference will take place November 19 in Las Cruces.


About economic development at NMSU:

NMSU recently conducted an Economic Development Impact Study to determine the university’s areas of economic success and opportunities for growth. 

NMSU's economic development plan is structured as a frequently updated and revised document that includes economic development goals, activities, actions, and measures and deliverables. These activities are determined by each team member relative to their specific areas of interests, and outcomes will be measured that define the success of NMSU economic development impact.  

In moving forward, the team will continue to add action items that will enhance NMSU contributions to economic development over the course of the next several years. These contributions will be measured against a baseline determined by the NMSU Economic Development Impact study. This is a long-term commitment to measure progress against a baseline will remain important to the mission of NMSU.